The Comfort of Toys and the Dreaded Lurgy

Written by Jacqui Gilchrist

A weekend of grumpy kids and soaring fevers had me not only pulling my hair out and rocking in the foetal position asking “why me?” but also thinking of why our youngsters find so much comfort in their toys?

Firstly, mum’s hug will always be number one for my kiddies but the next go to, will always be, that one special toy.

With our second youngest Connor, that was certainly the case this weekend. Fighting off a persistent virus he still managed to conjure up the energy to reach out for his favourite toy of all time, his beloved Percy Plane.

The toy gifted to him from us to show how proud we are that he is now rid of his dummy!

He is quite obsessed with Percy. He runs throughout our house holding this toy above his head yelling out ah plane, ah plane, ah plane. One would think I have been showing him re runs of Fantasy Island. Da plane, da plane!

Now, Percy is not what I would call the perfect bed time toy. He is solid wood and has a little peg man. Now if not carefully positioned, said peg man could possibly dislodge from his pilot’s seat and may well end up somewhere not so wanted during your sleep, but that’s a story for another time.

Toys for as far back as I can remember have had a big role to play in my childhood.

Only the very “special” toys almost always make a cameo in our memories when we think back on our childhoods.

As children, some of us may have had so many toys to play with, yet others may have only had a few or only one. My mother had a very different upbringing to me and my siblings. There was not a lot of money in the household she grew up in. Her only doll was made out of a stick and some fabric, stitched and tied together by her mother.

Household incomes have come a long way since then and most little girls not only have dolls made in an actual doll factory but they even have the campervans to go with them for when one’s dolly has the urge to travel.

So what is this comfort of toys all about?

Well, without being expert in the field children’s development, I can only say what I have witnessed over the years with my own children. And that is, that “feelings” play a huge role in the connection of our children and their toys.

Joy, elation, comfort, familiarisation, engagement are what I see in the eyes of each of my children when they play.

So naturally we see the yearning for those feelings when those not so invited feelings of illness set in.

Now don’t worry if your child is in bed with a cold and doesn’t reach out for that special toy, because, firstly, not all children find toys a comfort when they are beneath the weather.

As they say, no two children are the same. Well that is definitely the case here.

You certainly don’t need to be too concerned if your child has a comfort toy or not because in my experience the comfort a child needs may not come from an actual toy but something that they can connect with that brings them the feeling of joy.

And with that said the below are the differences in my children’s comfort toys or aids as you might call it, when they’re not feeling 100% and they’re in need of a little bit more than mum’s hug to help them sleep:

Sophie: Beanie Boo – odd looking toy with boggly eyes

Logan:  Minecraft Handbook – enough said

Connor: Percy Plane – see below image

Rory: Bamboo Swaddle Cloth – the swaddle we wrapped him in when he was a newborn (cue the scene from Mr Mom when they have a burning ceremony of Kenny’s wubby/woobie. I fear this may be the same road we are headed down. Look out for that post in the near future!)

And just in case you were wondering, here is what Percy Plane looks like:



Percy Plane by Indigo Jamm $42.95

I must admit Percy Plane is adorable but I really don’t recommend him as a bed time toy (see my previous comments relating to peg man!) but certainly a lovely any time toy for sure!

As I sit here on this hump day sipping on my much needed coffee with a glimmer of hope that the virus is on its way out, I am crossing my fingers and toes that my older kids can at least hold off a week before they bring home another load of dreaded germs to generously share with the rest of the family!

Until next time, have a lovely hump day!



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