Easter = Chocolate Feast?

Written by Jacqui Gilchrist

When one thinks of Easter one shall think of it as the National Day of Chocolate.

All religious beliefs aside, I can pretty much say with conviction that a good lot of humanity will agree with me on this one!

But what happens when we have our own children and the realisation hits that Children + Chocolate = the pile up scene from Where The Wild Things Are?

As the trend in “Non – Chocolate” Easter gifts rises, it begs the question. Is a Chocolate Easter becoming extinct?

Let’s hope not. And to be honest, as Easter is so early this year it only feels like Christmas was last week! So it would be safe to say the urge for splurging on more toys may be held back somewhat from a lack of overspending from Christmas (yes I am one of those people who after a whole year of saying I was not going to overspend, did so without a second thought. Boy do I need some budgeting advice asap!).

So, I noticed this so called Easter gift giving trend when my dear Mother in Law would wrap a gift which usually consisted of a new piece of clothing, a book and a small bunny shaped egg for my children.

As lovely as the idea was, it become quite costly when child number two then three came along and now child number four.

We can all probably agree that yummy chocolates are a must at Easter and can be done so without the worry of overloading your kiddies with too much chocolate.

Following in the tradition of said Mother in Law, adopting the small choc and gift combo or just an Easter inspired gift without chocolate can be a really delightful way to spread the Easter joy. Whether it be a small token gift if buying for an army or if you are wanting to amp it up and spend a little more we have a couple of ideas in our Easter Inspired Collection in store now.

Starting from as little as $7 here are our top picks:

Growing Pet Easter Egg $7

bunny egg 2

Jumbo Growing Dinosaur Eggs $8.95

small jumbo egg

Sonny Angel Easter Limited Edition 2016 $17.95

easter sonny angel

Projector Domes available in Earth or Moon $24.95

moon domeearth dome

Eggling Crack and Grow Lavender $24.95


Chuppon Rabbit Wild Strawberry $24.95


Team any of those up with a chocolate surprise and you have a winning Easter gift.

Go healthy if you wish and eliminate the chocolate altogether.


We almost always end up with too much chocolate eggs at Easter even when we try  and be good and hold back on the chocky egg buying, so a complete hiatus of chocolate would be just darn right impossible.

So if you are faced with the dilemma of not wanting to allow your children to overindulge with chocolate heaveness (if that’s even a word, I’m pretty sure it’s not, but I like it!) you could always take one for the team.

And while I take another bite of my Cadbury Cream Egg I applaud you for taking the overload of your kids chocolate eggs and shoving those yummy morsels into your gob and breaking that diet just one more time.

All in the name of Glorious National Day of Chocolate, aka Easter!

See you back here soon.

Happy Easter







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